PPE and Secondary Market Integrations

All Secondary departments have been affected with market volatility and manual processes that ebb and flow with the market and time of month. Historically, Secondary based systems have been supported manually by the lock desk as determined by market movement.

With the introduction of Secondary System API offerings, there have been many Secondary processes that are now able to be automated to reduce manual processes, increase market confirmations and overall Secondary executions.

Ignite has extensive experience in Secondary, Secondary workflows, and Secondary Market technologies, to provide a robust set of automated Secondary applications that utilize the Optimal Blue and EPPS API’s.

Secondary applications include:

• Custom Pricing Scenario Worksheet that provides real time pricing for multiple pricing scenarios.
• Website real time pricing application to provide potential borrowers on-demand pricing from your website.
• Custom application allows for a fully automated Secondary workflow via Optimal Blue Profile changes to be viewed and accepted automatically without Secondary/Lock Desk involvement including an auto-generated email upon accepted profile change.