Mortgage Technology Consulting

Your Techstack in the Mortgage Industry is going to be as important as your biggest Originator. The Mortgage Technology landscape is an exciting, but rapidly changing world that needs mortgage based expertise to combine mortgage efficiency and workflow needs to the vast array of technical options that are in the market today.

With the rapid change that is here to stay, you need an experienced partner that understands your business model and can enable you to best use the available technology to support and scale your business. Our team of experienced, US Based Partners and developers are solely focused on the Mortgage industry and are continuously working with Lenders and Vendors to architect, design, and implement innovative solutions to ensure your Techstack is best suited for your business model.

Our Ignite Consulting practice supports Lenders of any size in understanding the Pro’s and Con’s to their current technology which is often a combination of independent, non-integrated and partially adopted solutions built around your Loan Origination System, which are not providing the true value or matching expectations. Our goal is to simplify your techstack to ensure that you are utilizing the current and available technology in the most efficient, and cost effective manner, while also enabling technical solutions for streamlined loan origination and continuous process improvement.

Our Technology Consulting Practice provides:

• Full Techstack review of all Mortgage Applications with recommendations
• Design and architecture of Technical infrastructure
• Design of Database architecture for Data Warehouse/Data Lake
• Server Review with consulting on conversion to Cloud Hosting
• System Performance review with improvement recommendations