Custom Software

Mortgage Technology is targeting manual processes with a vengeance to improve current workflows with market driven RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and BOT applications. With the goal of intelligently automating key business processes with industry-leading machine learning and AI technology, mortgage companies are not only looking to provide an improved customer experience, shorten the production lifecycle, but mainly, allow their best team members to provide value added results rather than them completing manual tasks.

With the mortgage process involving so many touchpoints that could vary from loan to loan, the use of RPA and BOTS within the process driven industry has provided exponential efficiency gains over the past few years.

.The challenge, along with providing the industry with the more technical acronyms, is that the RPA And BOTS process is easy to understand at a high level, but very hard to architect and implement due to the various technical interfaces that are built on available API’s that in some cases are rapidly changing. More than any other Mortgage Technology offering, the robotic process is not “set and forget” but requires a deep understanding of the Loan Originations System, Vendor Integrations, and your server environment that needs to constantly be in sync for this process to work seamlessly.

The Ignite Robotics offering includes mortgage based consulting, technical design and architecture, implementation, and support of your Robotic package.

Sample of Robotic applications that are currently supported:

• Services Automation
• Automated Communication and delivery out of LOS
• Automated Lock Desk functionality
• Automated departmental functions out of Encompass that do not require a dedicated software application or license
• Automated Payment Requests